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AMP’s team is comprised of C-level and Senior-Management level interim managers who are able to provide leadership and expertise in the following core areas:

Start-Up & Expansion

Start-Up & ExpansionDeveloping new business in a new country always has its unique share of challenges. And finding the right people to fill positions, particularly at the management level and above, is critical. After all, having the right people in place is one of the most important determinants to the success of your operations. AMP‘s interim managers are experienced in both German and American systems and can help make the transition as seamless as possible. We are equipped to manage even the most sizeable issues dealing with products, processes and quality requirements. We’ll keep your operations moving forward while you continue your search for the right long-term resources.

AMP can…

  • Provide management support in the early stages of planning your business in the US
  • Temporarily fill CEO or Senior Management positions when you are entering the US market
  • Provide temporary management and leadership support while you expand your business
  • Serve as a sparring partner to discuss your ideas
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Product & Production-Launch

Product & Production-LaunchAll companies have their specific project-management processes and structure for launching new products, and typically these systems run effectively and smoothly. However, when problems arise–whether they are technical, timing, quality, or financial–90% of the time, the root cause of the issue is a lack of leadership and the different functional areas not working together. AMP is able to quickly identify the cause of your production issue, address it–minimizing further delay, and leave your team working together like a well-oiled machine.

AMP can…

  • Serve as the project-leader during new product or production launches successfully guiding the project and staff to SOP
  • Address and resolve difficulties during the launch-process that put the project at risk
  • Identify and repair issues stemming from customer complaints about lack of efficiency and weak quality
  • Solve issues causing schedule delays
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Reorganization & Turn-Around

Reorganization & Turn-AroundWhen you experience problems in your daily production operations–such as failing to meet targets, or losing key personnel–very often an operational reorganization is the best, most effective solution. AMP is able to promptly determine the key issues, develop a reorganization action plan and implement the plan in order to immediately stop the bleeding.

AMP can…

  • Ensure that your US-Operation meets its business plan targets
  • Serve as a solid temporary replacement for key personnel, while you seek out a permanent one
  • Help you uncover the underlying issues when your company Is experiencing poor performance
  • Help you resolve stubborn issues at you just can’t seem to get fixed
  • Resolve issues that that are putting your project at risk (timing, financials, etc.)
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AdvisoryOftentimes company leaders don’t necessarily need someone to come in and resolve their issues but they might just need a solid, experienced advisor to engage with. AMP’s interim managers have all “been there and done that”. We are able to sit on your Board of Directors in a non-executive capacity, to help ensure your company’s future. Or we can simply serve as a sounding board when you just need some advice or someone to talk through the issues with you. Our experience is your asset.

AMP can…

  • Serve as an experienced Board Member (or Beiratsmitglied) for your company, providing effective guidance on the direction of the business
  • Serve as an advisor to help you with major decision making for your company
  • Serve as an industry advisor for Private Equity Companies
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